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Sean W

Powered by coffee, inspired by life.

Passion for dogs, food, music, coffee, games and a lot other things. Playful yet introspective. Definitely not one dimensional.

Radio was an early passion and huge influence for him growing up. From Top 40 songs, classic hits to new releases, pop, jazz, even KPOP, name em' and he can play 'em.

A foodie, life and health enthusiast, most of his free time is spent working out and geeking out on his pc. Cycling, jogging for hours? No biggie. He puts on his headsets and goes. 

Hits you like a dose of fresh air bursting with as much energy for the morning shows like G.O.A.T Friday's 5am-10am and Weekend vibe 5am-10am, and versatile enough to handle mid day, and afternoon drive shows.

Deeply passionate for a lot of things. Being a DJ is as deeply rooted, almost a calling that runs in his caffeine-filled blood that refuses to be ignored. Sean will fill your ears with good music and good vibes and makes you forget about the world while taking you in a journey and stirring your emotions, and gives you a natural kind of high that only music can give. 

You find yourself in the edge somewhere between being woke and flying on raw emotions with a radio show that speaks to your soul. You don't just listen to the music he plays-- you absorb it.



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