Better Habits from a Daft Punk song

2019 is off to a relatively quiet start. But same with every year, we all have this feeling of

wanting to change something in our lives to be better. Whether it’s breaking bad habits or
making new ones, it’s more difficult to commit to them in the long run compared to coming up
with habits to improve. Most people have a list. But we have lyrics from a Daft Punk song that
can be the basis of building better habits for the New Year.

Work it harder
To work something harder generally means to put more effort into it. This could mean a lot of
different things for different people. But what we have in common is skill or talent – something
we’re good at. We may have this skill in different areas like handiwork, organization, your job. It
could also be a talent in art, performance, or dodging glances on the street. The differences
don’t matter as much as it does the efforts you make to improve them. But don’t go full tilt and
obsess over these things. Develop those talents and hone those skills by pushing yourself just a
little bit out of your comfort zone. Even the greatest of strides came from baby steps.
Make it better
We all have difficult things we deal with every day. Whether its the stress from work, school, or
just avoiding social media toxicity. All of these can be mentally and physically draining. The key
to the phrase “make it better” in this context refers to your environment. There’s not much you
can do with changing your actual workplace or school. But making better relationships with
workmates and schoolmates can do a lot to make the daily grind enjoyable. With social media,
toxicity is everywhere. The good thing about it is that you have control over what you can and
can’t see. So utilize that block and unfollow function because your online environment affects
your enjoyment of online content. It’s all about making the space you occupy better.
Do it faster
At first, you may think that means to just do things faster. While there’s some truth to that, our
idea of doing things faster does not mean to rush things that take time. It means that in our
modern daily routines, we barely have enough time to devote to trying newer things. It can be
an enriching experience to be adventurous and change your lifestyle overnight. But for those of
us who just want to break the monotony, trying smaller, easy, and quick things are enough to
change things up. We’re all concerned about our careers, our health, and the people we care
about. So sacrificing a lot of attention away from all that can disrupt our current lifestyle. So try
smaller versions of the things you want to try. Try easy before medium and then hard. Start
small, and if you enjoy it, slowly integrate it into your life.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk may not be as lyrically elaborate as other songs in
the world. But it leaves itself for a lot of interpretation if you’re willing to see past the surface. For
us, we see it as a guideline for self-improvement. The beat may seem bland and repetitive but
upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that as the song goes on, it slowly builds character, the
words eventually make sense, and it escalates itself to a better version than what it started with.

The simplistic and constant tempo serves to remind us that to achieve the changes that we
want, we simply have to keep going.