Top tips to have a stress-free Holy week road trip

Headed for a thrilling and fun-filled getaway? Planning a trip with your family or barkada can be extremely fun, but it can be quite a stressful experience as well. Tips for a stress-free Holy week road trip

1. Research .

From transportation to accommodations, the whole group must gather information on each facet of the trip, to make it a fun memorable experience. With your destination and budget already sorted out, it’s time for you to move on to the next phase of your trip planning experience – researching. Traffic conditions change during the Holy Week season, so it’s important to study your routes, destination, and accomodation.

2. Create an itinerary. Plan.

Not everyone likes to travel with an itinerary or make a plan, but having one is an absolute must, whenever you’re traveling with a group. An itinerary, after all, lets you allocate your time efficiently as well as allows you to you control your trip’s budget. Not to mention, having a travel itinerary gives you a chance to do more in less time. “Buti pa ang biglaang lakad natutuloy, ang planado, hindi!” Sounds familiar? Many things can happen during the long weekend. What you’ve plan as a laidback staycation at your ancestral home might turn into a spontaneous barkada joyride. Pack essentials in your car (e.g. extra clothes, power banks, water, toiletries, first-aid kit, snacks, etc.) para kaya mong bumiyahe wherever, whenever!

3. Be prepared. Keep a cool head.

First off, check the vehicle. It is crucial that before hitting the road to ensure that the car's engine, battery, windshield wipers, and lights are properly working. Inspect the tires and keep in mind to bring spares and a jack.
Do a fuel check.Carry an all-in-one emergency kit. It should, at the very least, include a flashlight, early warning devices such as cones or warning triangles, and jumper cables. One could also include a first-aid kit to the mix.

Hitting the road for the Holy Week has become an annual tradition for most Filipinos, but with the recent number of road accidents, it is important for families and barkadas to remind themselves of some safety tips before heading out. Make sure bring extra powerbanks, and be sure to remember to load up your phone if you are using prepaid for emergency calls just in case.

Have fun during holy week, but remember to be safe guys. A friendly reminder from 102.3 Bee FM