• Instagram worthy Places in Butuan City

    Either you are an aspiring photographer with your smartphone. Or you want to maintain or start a strong social media/online presence. Here are some establishments in Butuan City that may make your Instagram get more hearts and followers.

    1. Basa Book Shop and Café

    A relatively new shop that is a lot like from the book shops in the US and other western countries where customers can also read the books inside the store while consuming their ordered drinks and food.

    The shop and café features with a whole wall of books.  Pose in front a whole wall of books stacked in shelves. And take advantage of the bohemian chic lamps hanging from the walls.

    So snap a photo of your chosen book and your ordered snack. The shop can be find on San Francisco Street, Beside Lemon Time and Sun City Computer Shop.

    1. Lemon Time Cafe

    After visiting and taking photos from Basa, go straight ahead and get some lemonade in Lemon Time, which is just beside the book shop.

    Snap yourself with your ordered lemonade with their brightly yellow walls behind you and the other lemon-themed decorations.

    Not only do they have lemonade drinks and other thirst quenching cold beverages, they have some food as well so take photos of them.

  • It's a secret no more!

    Gabrielle Gross visits Butuan City! Catch the teen sweetheart from Davao City on February 2 in Pizzeria De Italia at 7pm.


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