March is national Women's month

Close your eyes and think of what women might have done to our society.

How are they treated so importantly like the balance of the world relies on their very existence when they used to be ignored and powerless?

What did they do?

As you close your eyes, you probably can't think of anything phenomenal. No matter how long you shut your eyes to find the most suitable answer, you just can’t find one.

 Why? Simply because you were looking for something grand. 

Open your eyes. Look at the women you see everyday. Their strength is cloaked  in nothing else but their individuality. 

But look again, eras passed and they remain unwavering. Remember your classes at school?

In biology, the theory of evolution suggests that one must adapt to survive as the world is ever changing. In history, the blood compact depicts that it is important to be in fellowship with others as a form of union.  In home economics, we were taught that sustainability is attained when even simple things as kitchen works are valued since they contribute to our economy's growth.

Adaptation. Fellowship. Sustainability. Through the years, women achieved what has always been taught to us. But we usually see it less special because they are camouflaged as mothers, teachers, nurses and etc.

But now, the once voiceless cluster is now so empowered that even a National Declaration states that there be a specific month to celebrate their honor.

This March 2018, the national Women’s Month celebration revolves around the theme “We make change work for women”. But change has always worked for women?

The Philippine Commission on Women does not only emphasize the importance of women in the societal shifting we constantly experience but “change” as mentioned in the theme actually refers to Compassionate and Harmonized Actions and Networks for Gender Equality. 

They do not only want to remove the cloak that once covered them. They also want to untie the chain that restricts others from soaring.

To call today’s women empowered might sound cliché. But as they move to spread their strength and influence more, what better way can you describe them?

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