Summer is just around the corner!

Whether you are studying or working, finding time to reward yourself for a trip is never wrong. And what best season is there to travel, than summer? Here are some tips you might want to consider this year:

1.Plan your trips. Planning your trips ahead of time is important so you can check the most cost worthy options you can get. You should think about where you want to go, how you want to get there and who to be with. After all, you don’t want your wallet to starve when summer is over. Plus, you are not the only person on earth planning a getaway. So if you are thinking about visiting popular resorts or cities, an early reservation won’t hurt.

2.Explore the unexplored. It’s not too bad if you cannot go out of the country for this season. We have a lot of destinations to boast for in the Philippines. But if you want your trip to be summerific, find a unique place of your taste. There are a lot of pristine beaches and unspoiled trails waiting for you! Usually, these places require minimal entrance fees and accommodation nearby are really cheap. Most municipalities in Caraga have their own tourist inn that are really affordable for backpackers.

  1. Embrace tanlines. One thing is for sure, you cannot hide yourself from the summer heat. (Unless if you want to go out in your pajamas). The best way to enjoy this season is to go out in the open because this is the time of the year where tanning is deemed most beautiful. Also, some travelers may not know how to swim. But that doesn’t mean there is no trip you can enjoy. So find your most suitable adventure under the sun!
  1. Recycle OOTD's.Apparently, summer is not here to stay forever. If you plan on buying something expensive just to get your best blogger shots, that might not be the wisest decision. You can revamp old clothes into fringe and cropped tops or maybe mix and match some tees and polos that work well for you. This summer, the view is more interesting than your outfit. So you might want to invest more on where you want to go.
  1. Share the experience!It’s not about bragging. Do you know that posting your summer photos online and adding some hashtags on it, actually helps our tourism industry? The more the newsfeeds are flooded with Philippine destinations, the more foreign and domestic tourists are coming. When tourism has grown in an area, investors are likely to be interested in establishing new infrastructures. Your trips can go a long way!

Ofcourse, we have our own preferences on how we want to spend our summer vacation. Some would like to go soul searching alone while others are planning to get wild with friends. So whether it’s a party or a solo trip you fancy, one thing is for sure – our tracks will be your best buddy!




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